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Alicia Fritz

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The founder of A Day in May Events talks about her story, her process and what she attributes her success to.

At the luxury level of weddings, it’s easy to think you have to live in an epicenter city and have a ton of notoriety to succeed. The whole world has to know you if you want your business to grow. But bigger, famous and splashier isn’t the only route to visibility, success can happen without notoriety. 

You can thrive while being the best kept secret. It’s possible to create these gravitas “goosebump moment” events, and still live your life. A planner can create dreamy destination weddings without living in New York, Miami or LA. 

For Alicia Fritz, fulfillment doesn’t come from being known by the whole world, it comes from connecting with clients and carrying their vision. Why is remaining grounded so important to her? How did she carve out her niche? What do weddings mean to her?

Guest Bio

A native of Traverse City, Michigan, Alicia Fritz is the founder and Principal Designer of A Day in May Events, a nationally recognized event production firm sought after for mastering the art of entertaining. Alicia’s appreciation for hospitality is rooted in her company’s ethos; to architect milestone celebrations that embody the taste and priorities of her clients, accentuated by a strong sense of place and purpose in every detail. With a mission to preserve the unique history and life experiences of her clients and their families, Alicia and her team have been entrusted as strategic partners for their private, legacy clients for close to two decades.

Since 2007, Alicia has built a dedicated staff of event specialists and creative thinkers who operate with a methodical and intuitive system that prioritizes collaboration with their clients, respectful partnership with their creative teams and an unwavering commitment to a flawless event. Harmonizing an architect’s mindset with the imaginative and artistic touch of a great host, Alicia has been recognized as one of the country’s top event planners by VOGUE and Martha Stewart Weddings to name a few. From the serene, idyllic coastline of Northern Michigan, to the exquisite landscape of the South of France, and far flung locales likeMustique, Alicia and her team rarely create in the same place twice and welcome the challenge of producing these exceptional moments for beloved clients in unchartered territory.

For more information, head to https://www.adayinmayevents.com/ follow @adayinmayevents on Instagram. 

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