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Barbi Walters

In this episode

We’re joined by one-third of the Lynden Layne team, Barbi Walters. She shares how they built the company and the cross-pollination between weddings and interiors. 

Interior design and wedding design have always had a natural synergy. Inspiration from interiors has always trickled into events. Now that there’s a huge movement to make weddings feel residential, interiors aren’t just inspiring events, they are informing them. People want the big day to feel authentic, and not just like another decorated ballroom. The big day is an extension of how they’d host people in their homes.  

It makes sense then for a wedding designer to also have a firm footing in interiors, which is what Lynden Lane Co. have done. 

Weddings might be more emotional and condensed than an interior design project, but for a creative mind, they work the same muscle. Whether it’s a big reveal of a room or a big reveal of the reception space, it’s big decisions and small details. 

How did Lynden Lane Co. come to be, and how does a team of a mother and her daughters work so well together? How do you bring a client’s vision to life?

Guest Bio

Barbi Walters is the co-founder and principal designer at Lynden Lane Co., a company she runs with her 2 daughters, Lyndsey and Layne. Lynden Lane Co. is sought after for architecting transformative events and designing interior spaces. Go to https://lyndenlane.com/ and follow @lyndenlane on Instagram. 

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