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We’re joined by photographers and co-hosts of the B&H Photography Podcast, Allan Weitz and Jill Waterman. We talk about luxury weddings, how to build a successful business in that space and the skills that take you to that next level. 

For many photographers, weddings are a highly intimidating niche. The idea of shooting a once in a lifetime event, at the highest spectrum of emotions can be daunting. 

And that’s before you add a luxury component to it. 

Shooting that level of event and having that caliber of client comes with a lot, but the biggest thing is a shift in our own mindset. 

To break into luxury and command those rates, you’re basically creating value overnight and that can understandably be a real challenge psychologically. We have to shake off the middle class mentality and start to think of events the way the ultra-wealthy do – it’s not about cost, it’s about want. 

How do we start to occupy the luxury mindset? What are the key skills we need to have at this level?

Guest Bio

Allan Weitz is a Photographer, Writer and host of the B&H Photography Podcast.

Jill Waterman is a Photographer, Writer, Storyteller and co-host of the B&H Photography Podcast. 

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