The Business of Luxury Weddings Podcast

Brooke Keegan

In this episode

Brooke Keegan talks about the epiphany that changed her business, and what it took to get to where she is today.

Luxury weddings involve so many great things like travel, amazing experiences and glamorous events. Because all these facets are so fun and exciting, it’s easy to fall into the trap of treating the job like a hobby. 

In order to build something that sustains you, you have to treat it like a business. Yes, the job is fun, but it’s also our livelihood so we have to handle it accordingly. In an industry where the barrier gets lower everyday, the people who have staying power are the ones who think like CEOs, and build solid structures that support what we do. 

How did Brooke Keegan come to this realization and what did she change after it dawned on her? How did she shift from flat fee to percentage-based pricing? 

What other structures did she put in place to truly start treating it like a business? In this episode, Brooke talks about the epiphany that changed her business, and what it took to get to where she is today. 

Guest Bio

Brooke has more than 21 years of experience designing, planning, and producing spectacular events for some of the world’s most ambitious and exacting clients. Named a top wedding planner by Harper’s Bazaar, she has established a reputation of excellence and consistency for producing unique, beautiful, and innovative events that leave a lasting impression. With her outstanding organizational skills and love of design, she has established a reputation of excellence in event management, flawless execution and visually stunning events. Brooke’s clients can trust with confidence that they will experience an exceptional planning process whilst exceeding their expectations. She has solid relationships with premier creative partners both nationally and internationally, ensuring that anyone she refers to is at the top of their respected field. Her past events are testaments of the quality, detail and experience that make her successful. A Division 1 volleyball player at San Diego State University, Brooke graduated with dual degrees in Marketing and Management. Prior to running her own business, she pursued a professional career in the restaurant and hospitality industry, a combination that gives her an edge when producing top-notch events for world-class clients. For more information go to https://brookekeegan.com/ and follow @‌brookekeegan.

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