The Business of Luxury Weddings Podcast

David Beahm

In this episode

We’re joined by the incomparable, David Beahm. He shares his story – going from choir director to the incredible career he’s had.

Luxury is the ability to surprise, delight, anticipate, and deliver. In the wedding space, it’s ultimately the difference between planning an event and creating an experience. Our clients are incredibly discerning individuals, so we have to be discerning too. 

The job is going above and beyond “what we have in the warehouse” to actually bring about a well-executed vision. 

In this high-stress environment, not breaking a sweat while pulling off these feats of creativity is part of the job. 

How do we elevate an event into an unforgettable experience? What does it take to stay unflappable as we carry the vision and experience of our clients?

Guest Bio

David Beahm, founder and president of David Beahm Experiences, is known as one of New York’s top event designers. A favorite of celebrities, socialites, corporate, and the fashion worlds, David has a broad-based background in the arts; thus, he views event design as a combination of theater and art. Emphasizing style, quality, and originality, his creations combine cutting-edge ideas with timeless tradition.

Go to www.davidbeahm.com for more information and follow @‌davidbeahm @davidbeahmtoo


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