The Business of Luxury Weddings Podcast

Jack Ezon

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We’re joined by travel industry icon and founder and partner of EMBARK Beyond, Jack Ezon. He shares his journey, what sets his team apart, and why travel matters. He also shares luxury trends in the wedding industry and beyond. 

As luxury shifts from conspicuous consumption to conscious consumption, we have to change how we think about the services we provide. It’s not that people are spending less money, they are just choosing to spend smarter, and putting more meaning behind every buying choice. 

In the luxury travel space, crafting a great experience shouldn’t start with the location, it starts with the feeling people are seeking. It’s about focusing on the ingredients of the experience rather than the deliverable. What they want, not where they want. 

This is especially true in the destination wedding space – where travel intersects with celebration, meaning, and connection. How do we deliver experiences driven by meaning, not money? What is the secret to building relationships with luxury vendors? Where is luxury travel headed and what does it mean for weddings?

Guest Bio

Jack Ezon is a travel industry icon and founder and partner of EMBARK Beyond. ​​More than a travel agency, EMBARK Beyond is a luxury travel advisory dedicated to creating thoughtfully designed experiences that go beyond a destination. Jack was the longtime president of one of the largest and most successful luxury travel companies in the United States. Over his 15 years as president, he found explosive growth in the business (100x growth in annual sales), and made close connections with global industry leaders. Together with Founding Partners Eli Ashear and Julie Danziger, Jack recognized the need to evolve as our clients’ demands and industry trends did. Thus sparking the idea for EMBARK Beyond! Focused first on client needs, they have built relationships with the world’s most sought-after lifestyle and fashion brands to open the world – beyond imagination – to their clients. The EMBARK Beyond team is comprised of some of the most respected names in the travel industry. Their closest friends include the world’s top hotel owners, general managers, global sales directors, tour operators, airline leaders, and cruise directors. 

Go to https://www.embarkbeyond.com/ for more information and follow @embarkbeyond on Instagram. 

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