The Business of Luxury Weddings Podcast

James x Schulze

In this episode

We talk about the value of curating our brand around serving others instead of ourselves.

When it comes to branding and approach, most photographers are focused on themselves. It’s all about their aesthetic and getting clients to fit into it. We make ourselves the thing our clients should aspire to. That was our approach for years…until we realized that it wouldn’t allow us to sustain real success in luxury. 

So we switched to this: focusing on our clients; and instead of pigeonholing them, shifting our approach according to their needs. Many photographers would consider that selling out – why would we let clients dictate what we do, we’re the creatives after all. 

Well, if we want to move up to premium and luxury, we have to deliver a lot more than creative talent. We have to craft an experience, and we can’t do that if we don’t take a client-focused approach. 

How do we shift from ourselves to our clients? How does this approach allow us to build and sustain real success?

Your days of being just
a normal wedding photographer are over.

You’ll become a luxury photographer who is recognized as a true artist.