The Business of Luxury Weddings Podcast

James x Schulze

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“If only I was just better at the craft….”

If you’re a creative in the wedding industry struggling to get those next level weddings, you’ve probably said this to yourself. It’s easy to think getting better at what you do is the missing link. 

The truth is: digging into and putting an emphasis on the business side is the solution. Most creatives feel like artists who happen to run a business. We have to shift to business owners who happen to be creative. 

In order to grow on the business side and find inspiration, you have to push past what’s gotten you to where you are today. You’ll need new insights, data, and perspectives, and that comes in the form of other people’s knowledge and experience.  

That’s how we went from charging $500 per wedding to a 7-figure ultra-luxury wedding business. How did the journey begin? What lessons have we learned along the way? In this episode, we welcome you to The Business of Luxury Weddings, share the vision of this podcast, and what to expect. Learn more – www.sagejourney.co

Your days of being just
a normal wedding photographer are over.

You’ll become a luxury photographer who is recognized as a true artist.