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Joshua Coombes

In this episode

We’re joined by the founder of #DoSomethingForNothing, Joshua Coombes.
He shares how one haircut changed everything and the powerful movement he built from it. 

A simple, kind and meaningful act can have a powerful ripple effect, like giving a haircut to someone in need. Not only does it create doorways to connection. It can open up entire portals that break the typical pattern of how we interact with the community around us. 

Through one simple compassionate act, we can create moments that matter – moments that can start to break through layers of hardship, and make people feel seen after feeling invisible. 

How did the decision to give a haircut become a powerful movement for kindness and a doorway for a deeper connection? How can we show up differently in our own communities? 

Guest Bio

Joshua Coombes is a British hairstylist and founder of #DoSomethingForNothing, a movement encouraging people to connect their skills and time to those who need it. For more information, follow @joshacoombes on Instagram and buy the book Do Something For Nothing here

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