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Le Rêve Films

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co-founders of Le Rêve Films – Lindsey and Cherish Conklin, talk about their business, networking and how they grew an ultra-luxury wedding business without paying for a single ad.

Most wedding professionals are taught to grow by way of digital marketing, but there’s something with a much higher ROI – relationship marketing. When you compare what you get out of fostering industry relationships with digital marketing, it’s not even close. The former will always win. 

One ad can bring in a single wedding. One industry collaboration can bring you hundreds of weddings throughout your lifetime. That’s the kind of ROI marketing dollars will never buy! It doesn’t matter what level you’re at – entry level, high-end or ultra-luxury, investing in relationships will always create the most value. 

How do you grow your business and even level up in your clientele without digital marketing? Could introverts actually have an advantage when it comes to networking? How can one industry relationship turn into a lifetime of business? 

In this special on-site episode in Venice, Italy, we’re joined by husband and wife duo Cherish and Lindsey Conklin. The co-founders of Le Rêve Films talk about their business, networking and how they grew an ultra-luxury wedding business without paying for a single ad.

Guest Bio

This husband-wife duo launched Le Rêve Films in 2010 from their shared passion for traveling the world and transforming the magical memories from a couple’s nuptials into a visual tapestry that showcases their love story for a lifetime. Le Rêve takes pride in focusing on capturing the beauty, emotion and all the details in between from a couple’s wedding weekend, all the while, always portraying real, authentic love.
Le Rêve Films’ reputation and award-winning work has been featured in Vogue, People, BRIDES, Martha Stewart Weddings, iHeart Radio, and has earned them a spot among Harper’s BAZAAR’s list of The Top Wedding Videographers in the World.  They have had the privilege of capturing events for clients like Naomi Biden, Sean McVay, DJ Tiesto, and other high-profile celebrities, musicians and athletes. Go to https://lerevefilms.com/ for more information. Get Le Rêve’s custom LUTS here and follow @lerevefilms on Instagram

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