The Business of Luxury Weddings Podcast

Lindsey Morgan

In this episode

She talks about her journey, the power of taking action, and how she has created multiple streams of income in her business.

When your successful planning business has a thriving floral arm, why would you shut it down? To make room for more creativity and collaboration! Most people wouldn’t dream of ending something that’s doing so well, but that could be keeping us from what we really want. 

If a business is just chugging along, it’s easier to keep going as is. Shaking things up is actually so much harder than staying the same, but as entrepreneurs, we often have to let go to level up. We have to close down something good to make room for something exceptional. 

This is what By Bello’s Lindsey Morgan realized, so she made the decision and took the leap. How did she come to the realization that she had to close her floral business? What new awesomeness has this created space for? What are the keys to her business growth and success?

Guest Bio

Lindsey Morgan is the owner and creative director of By Bello and Bespoke by Bello. Passionate about marrying natural landscapes with distinctive event design, Lindsey has been nationally recognized for her inspired approach, building memorable parties from the ground up. Alongside her masterful team, Lindsey provides each client with a highly personalized experience, leaving both the celebrated and celebrating with an event they’ll remember for a lifetime. For more information, head to https://bybelloevents.com/

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