The Business of Luxury Weddings Podcast

Lynn Easton

In this episode

Elite planner Lynn Easton shares the layers of luxury that make up the best of the best in weddings. She also shares how to make a connection with an elite planner, and the pet peeves photographers and videographers must avoid if they want to impress. 

An emotion-provoking image that speaks to the planner, not a wasteful unsolicited gift. 

Steady, quiet persistence, not annoying pushiness. Understanding the cues that say ultra-luxury, and nothing less.

That’s how you get on the radar of an elite ultra-luxury planner, and get hired again and again. In the high-stakes, high-touch and high-detail world of elite wedding planning, photographers are the most important vendors on game day. 

Planners want collaborators who understand their role and how to bring the ultra-luxury experience from start to finish, with minimal hand-holding. 

What sets ultra-luxury weddings apart in the level of service vendors have to bring? How do you get your first ultra-luxury job and keep getting called back for more weddings? 

Guest Bio:

Lynn Easton is a leader in the world of event planning, sought-after speaker, and founder of Easton Events. Easton is a full-service wedding and event design and planning company founded in 1998. With offices in Charleston, South Carolina, and Charlottesville, Virginia, Easton is dedicated to guiding their clients with a steady balance of head and heart through their weddings and milestone events.

Easton has received national acclaim from top industry publications, including VOGUE, Harper’s BAZAAR, Martha Stewart Weddings, Town & Country Weddings, The Knot, BizBash, among others. For more information, head to eastonevents.com or go to eastoneducation.com to find out about her courses.  

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