The Business of Luxury Weddings Podcast

Michelle Rago

In this episode

The world famous planner shares her story,
her process and her mindset around what she does. 

“Your vision is safe with me.” That’s what a planner needs to say and deliver to their clients. When you’re at the helm of a magical moment where every detail matters, how things look isn’t your first consideration. You have to go 30,000 ft up, take what they want to see and steep it in reality, while still maintaining the magic. 

To do this effectively, confidence, competence, and kindness are required. For Michelle Rago, these things come easy, and it shows in the experiences she creates. 

How did she get started? What’s her process for making sure an event has the client’s fingerprint? How can we shift our mindset around sales? 

Guest Bio

Michelle Rago is an event planner, and founder of Michelle Rago Destinations, a full service boutique event planning firm based in New York.Michelle and her team have produced and designed events as far-flung as New Delhi and the Cote d’Azur, and of course, from coast to coast on the continental United States. Team Rago will oversee and execute every aspect of your event to not only ensure it unfolds smoothly, but to allow you to be carefree and fully engaged at your own wedding or event. For more information, head to https://michelleragodestinations.com/. Connect with Michelle on Instagram @michellerago

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