The Business of Luxury Weddings Podcast

Nathan Holritz

In this episode

We’re joined by the CEO and Founder of Photographer’s Edit and host of the Bokeh podcast, Nathan Holritz. We talk about simple and practical steps we can take to make our services pull in the buyers we want.

Get to know your client and match yourself up to that. That’s the format of traditional marketing we’re taught to use. What if we could accomplish more by going about it in a completely different way? In luxury, cost isn’t the biggest factor in the decision making process – desire is. If we make people want our service, they will buy it. 

Creating desire instantly makes us more sought-after, especially in a market segment  where exclusivity and uniqueness are the currency of buying choices. From the way we book client calls, to the photos we post on social media, we can use desire to increase the demand for our photography. 

What steps can we take to make our services more desirable? How do we raise our prices and tap into a higher market segment? How can we build sustainable businesses while also having room to actually live our lives? 

Guest Bio

Nathan Holritz is the CEO and Founder of Photographer’s Edit and Cheezoo. He’s also the host of the Bokeh podcast. Starting in professional photography over 20 years ago, Nathan helped bring a modern style of premium wedding photography to the Chattanooga market via Holritz Photography.

While helping run Holritz Photography, Nathan saw both a personal and industry need for a company that could handle the post-processing of the thousands of images photographed at weddings. He created Photographer’s Edit, a company geared toward providing a solution for professional photographers to outsource this post-processing following weddings and large events. The company was launched in 2008, and has since processed millions and millions of images for wedding, portrait, and commercial photographers. Head to https://www.photographersedit.com/ to find out more. 

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