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Peyton Frank

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We’re delighted to be joined by top wedding filmmaker, Peyton Frank. She shares the process that allows her to deliver perfection over and over again. 

Luxury wedding or not, we’re in the business of serving our clients and pulling off a once-in-a-lifetime fairytale for them. Of course, we have to be exceptionally talented, but there’s also a whole strategic process of unglamorous, behind-the-scenes work to make it look seamless and luxurious. 

All wedding vendors are in the unique position of not being guests, but having such a pivotal role on a very important day. Ultimately, we’re privileged service providers who work together to make magic happen. The better we get at reading the room and collaborating, the more elevated the experiences become, and the more people want to work with us. 

How can photographers and videographers work well together? What’s our guest’s process for creating a seamless, luxurious experience both behind and in front of the camera? Why is this industry so special to us? 

Guest Bio

Peyton Frank is a Destination Wedding Filmmaker who creates heirloom wedding videos to be cherished for a lifetime. She has an obsession for beautiful stories, events, and experiences, and a passion for making films and creating magic through moving images, light, and sound. Peyton has been named One of The Top Wedding Filmmakers in the World by Harper’s BAZAAR. 

For more information, follow @‌peytonfrank on Instagram. For mentorship sessions & general inquiries, send an email to hello@peytonfrankfilms.com. To inquire about the 2024 Certified Drone Pilot Guide email concierge@peytonfrankfilms.com

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