The Business of Luxury Weddings Podcast

Sarah Bradshaw

In this episode

Sarah talks about her business, her decisions, and her approach to selling.

In an industry like wedding photography, “there are as many opinions as there are planners”. It’s easy to get caught up in groupthink and herd mentality. People parrot information about running our businesses and what it takes to succeed like it’s universal truth when it’s one perspective. 

All information and advice is meaningless if it’s not filtered through what works best for us. Sometimes, the most profitable decision we can make is stepping away from the herd. 

That was the case for Sarah Bradshaw. She detached from groupthink, tore her business down to the studs, and rebuilt it better. Because of that, she was able to shift from what seems important in growing our businesses to what actually moves the needle. 

What were the key mindset shifts in this journey? Why is outreach truly the job?

Guest Bio

Since 2008, Sarah Bradshaw has been known for creating iconic wedding day photographs. Drawing inspiration from classical architecture, vintage fashion, and modern interior design, she uses her well-honed skills as a storyteller to create heirloom images full of warmth, light, and palpable emotion. Her enduring purpose, that guides everything she does, is to inspire a vision of intentional, generational love and connection through timeless and authentic imagery.

For more information, head to https://sarahbradshaw.com/ and follow @sarahbradshawphoto on Instagram. 

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