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Sarah Tivel

In this episode

We’re joined by 1/5th of the amazing team at Gather Events, Sarah Tivel. She shares how weddings have changed over the years, and all the special ways clients get to put their own stamp on their special day because of this shift. 

Just like dress trends and decor trends, weddings and how they are planned have gone through a huge evolution of their own. 

How the special day was crafted used to be formulaic and predictable. There were traditions that had to be met and boxes the event had to check. 

Today, there’s plenty of room for the unexpected, the whimsical, and the meaningful. What people include in that day is more about intention, not because it’s what they have to do. 

Wedding days have become wedding weekends. Venues have become more non-traditional, and wedding planners have so much more flexibility to be creative. 

What’s driving these shifts in the wedding experience? What is quiet luxury and why is it quickly becoming a staple in the industry?

Guest Bio

Sarah Tivel is the co-founder and creative director at GATHER Events. GATHER Events was built on a love of bringing people together. They are incredibly proud to be a team of highly experienced wedding planners and event designers who thrive on creating the most memorable weddings and social events locally and around the world. With an increasing amount of guests traveling for weddings, close to home and abroad, GATHER’s local and destination presence allows them to provide expert support on the ground in the US and globally. They value collaboration and believe that their creative industry is stronger and more inspired when we work together. 

For more information, head to https://www.gatherevents.com/ and follow @gatherevents on Instagram. 

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