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Sidonie Vidal

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Sidonie shares her story of how she changed her mindset and elevated her brand to increase her earnings and level up from the middle market. 

If you’re good at the craft, raising your rates isn’t a question of skill. It’s more about doing the mindset work so you can confidently elevate how you show up in the marketplace. Your work has to be good – that’s a given, but you’ll hit a ceiling if you only focus on that. To grow our revenue, we have to raise what we think our work is worth – and that has a lot to do with branding.  

The shift to a higher rate starts internally. Believing it for ourselves first makes the pricing and marketing work easier. If we don’t feel worthy, we’ll never have the confidence to ask for more, even if we’re exceptional photographers. 

Sidonie Vidal went from charging €2.5k to €11k. That leap is more about mentality than methodology. How did the mindset piece play into her 4X rate increase? What were the small shifts that stacked up over time and allowed her to grow her business?

Guest Bio

Sidonie Vidal is a photographer from the South of France – the picture book country full of sun, beautiful villages, and lavender fields. She wants to recreate this southern French feeling with her images and bring warmth, connection, and passion to every project she photographs. Sidonie works with couples from all over the world to create bespoke experiences and capture the essence of their special day on camera. She allows her clients to relax knowing her editorial photography allows the unadulterated emotions between them and their loved ones to shine through in every image. For more information, head to https://sidonievidalphotographe.com/

Instagram – @sidonievidalphotography

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