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Sofia Crokos

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We’re excited to be joined by the luxury event planner, restaurateur, and founder of Sofia Crokos Events & Lifestyle. Sofia shares how she went from fashion to weddings, how her restaurant came about, and all the incredible ways she chases beauty and inspiration in everything she does.

Every human being has moments where inspiration strikes them, but not everyone will chase it. A great creative concept, collaboration, or business idea can fade because you’re scared to put it out there. 

Not for Sofia Crokos. 

She goes down every avenue of creativity from fashion and weddings to food and flowers. Her secret: manifesting, chasing beauty, and acting on inspiration without limitation. Instead of saying ‘no’ or ‘not now’ to an idea she engages with it and goes after it. 

Because of this, her pursuits aren’t just successful – they also fulfill her and pull her to the next incredible idea. How does she stay inspired as she gets pulled in different directions? Why is the pursuit of beauty the thing that drives her life and business?

Guest Bio

Sofia Crokos is a luxury event planner, restaurateur, and founder of Sofia Crokos Events & Lifestyle. She’s also a connector, a collaborator, a creator; qualities that turn her clients’ great expectations into luxurious, elevated realities. Sofia Crokos Events & Lifestyle has perfected the art of entertaining. Since 1998, Crokos and her agency have offered unparalleled style and service, luxurious design, and expertly orchestrated events to the most discerning clientele. Internationally renowned for their personalized philosophy, impeccable eye for detail, boundless creativity, and infectious positivity, Sofia Crokos Events & Lifestyle champions a hands-on approach to every aspect of a celebration, no matter the size. This exceptional insight into the world of luxury events, paired with relationships with the most prestigious vendors around the globe, allows every client to experience these unforgettable moments with a sense of ease and levity, while also earning Sofia Crokos Events & Lifestyle recognition as one of the premiere event agencies in the industry. For more information, go to https://www.sofiacrokos.com/ and follow @sofiacrokosevents on Instagram.

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