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Steph Kadlicko

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We’re joined by destination wedding photographer and hospitality coach, Steph Kadlicko. She shares what she attributes her big leaps in business to – simplicity.

In this business, the biggest leaps don’t come from adding bells and whistles to our approach. They come from stripping what we do down to the clearest, most actionable and exceptional basics. Going an inch wide and a mile deep produces more profound results than going a mile wide, an inch deep. 

When you really think about it, we spend 10% of our time in the business behind the camera. What moves the needle is what we do with that 90%. There’s hundreds of things we could be doing. Success comes from distilling the process down and focusing on the pieces that matter.  

Why are relationships and refining the client experience so crucial to our success? How do we separate what truly moves the needle from the bells and whistles? 

Why do we turn vendor relationships into a collaborative body that serves the client? 

Guest Bio

Forever guided by old-world Europe, Steph is a destination wedding photographer and hospitality consultant inspired by artful living. Hospitality, deep connection, and creating spaces of beauty make up who she is and how she serves. Her work has been featured in international publications and is distinguished by its composition and color. A traveler, lover of neutrals (and Negronis), Steph captures delightful moments to satisfy the present and timeless moments longed for in decades ahead. In her coaching, Steph works with creatives on building their brand strategy for a converting client experience.

For more information, head to https://stephkad.com/

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