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Wendy Jacobs Hampton

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Wendy Jacobs Hampton, the owner of Soirée Telluride, tells her story, and what she attributes her success to. 

Among the many superpowers of a luxury wedding planner, is the ability to turn 18 months of planning into a timelined, well-executed event with hundreds of moving parts. 

The secret: there is absolutely no room for indecisiveness. The clients hire you to guide them and make decisions. If you’re still thinking “I wonder if we should…” on the day, it’s not a business you’re built for. 

Wendy Jacobs Hampton has this and so many other superpowers that make her perfect for this job. Growing up in a party family. Being a highly-motivated ski bum, who purchased a business for $2000, and planned weddings for the likes of the Lauren and Bush families. A confident professional who relates well to the clientele. A beautiful balance of command and care. 

How did she end up in Telluride and ultimately play a huge role in building the luxury industry there? Why is it so important to remember the fun aspect of this job?

Guest Bio

Building a company from the ground up — and skyrocketing it to success — requires unshakable confidence and a healthy willingness to take risks. Wendy has both. Melded with her matchless creativity, innovation and enviable cool under pressure, Wendy has what it takes to be a sought-after event producer and the architect behind some of Colorado’s most prestigious weddings. And indeed she is.

Wendy grew up in New York, but fell in love with Telluride as a child when her family began visiting for regular ski trips in the early 80s. She became a permanent Telluride resident in 1994. Wendy has been embedded in the community ever since, always keeping her finger on the ski town’s pulse. After producing the wedding of Lauren Bush and David Lauren in 2011, Wendy’s world-class work established Telluride as a premiere event destination — and Soirée Telluride as an event-production company that draws national and international clients.

When she’s not coordinating scores of vendors or thriving on day-of event execution, Wendy enjoys skiing with her husband, Zach, whom she met in Telluride, and their school-age daughters, Breton and Zoe (who call themselves the Soirée Sisters). She serves as board president of the Telluride Academy and is deeply committed to local education causes.

For more information, go to https://www.telluridesoiree.com/ and follow @soireetelluride on Instagram. 

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