The Business of Luxury Weddings Podcast

A life of true abundance and freedom is within reach

The only podcast designed to help driven wedding professionals elevate your wedding business, travel to amazing locations, and double your revenue even if you don’t think this is possible…yet.

Each week we talk to luxury wedding pros who have broken through & built a high-net-worth clientele. Together we share the strategies, success tips and roadmap to follow. So you can build a lifestyle filled with powerful experiences, inspiring relationships, and long-lasting connections.

  • Barbi Walters

    Barbi Walters

  • Sarah Tivel

    Sarah Tivel

  • Wendy Jacobs Hampton

    Wendy Jacobs Hampton

  • David Beahm

    David Beahm

  • Sarah Bradshaw

    Sarah Bradshaw

  • James x Schulze

    James x Schulze

  • Michelle Rago

    Michelle Rago

  • Sidonie Vidal

    Sidonie Vidal

  • Peyton Frank

    Peyton Frank

  • Lynn Easton

    Lynn Easton

  • James x Schulze

    James x Schulze

Your days of being just
a normal wedding photographer are over.

You’ll become a luxury photographer who is recognized as a true artist.